Nine Ideas for Automotive TV Shows That Are Better Than Counting Cars

Most automotive TV just plain sucks. The builds are cool, but the crap crammed in around them—the pranks, fights, and painfully scripted “human interest,” is groan-worthy. So listen up, History, Discovery, and Velocity networks: Here’s nine ideas for shows that are at least more honestly named than what you’ve got. »4/21/15 9:20am4/21/15 9:20am

My Day on a Gas-Powered Drift Trike: Like Being a Kid Again, Only Better

No grown-up vehicle can match the thrill you felt as a kid on your Big Wheel. Cars and motorcycles are fun, but at day's end they're serious machines. Recapturing that unbridled euphoria requires a dedicated device. And the SFD Industries Drift Trike is the three-wheeled, gas-powered tool for the job. »10/04/14 1:26pm10/04/14 1:26pm

Washington Post Reporter On the How and Why of Latest NSA Revelations

Last week, The Washington Post published the results of a huge investigation into NSA records leaked by Edward Snowden. Based on tons of data, the paper asserted that ninety percent of messages intercepted by the NSA came from U.S. citizens and non-targets. Today, Post reporter Barton Gellman gives us an inside look »7/12/14 2:15pm7/12/14 2:15pm

Steno Pad: Outtakes From My Interview With Ford Designer Chris Svensson

A few weeks ago, I got to take a classic Mustang road trip with Moray Callum and Chris Svensson, Ford's top two designers. The trip generated a two-part story for Gizmodo which you can read here [1] and here [2], but there was way more interview material than I could ever fit. Here are some of my favorite side… »4/28/14 9:12pm4/28/14 9:12pm