Why there are no more stick-shift Acuras

If you were at all car-aware in the 1990s and 2000s, Acura was squarely on your radar. From the brand's first Legends, to the iconic Integra, to the follow-up RSX and the halo-status NSX, Acura's lineup always included something for the gearheads among us, complete with honest-to-goodness manual transmissions. » 1/23/15 1:27pm Friday 1:27pm

This coloration actually might not be too far off. The turquoise car in the center is the Hirohata Mercury, a car built in 1953 that basically set the aesthetic tone for custom cars for the decade. Here it is in restored-to-original condition, photographed in the early 2000s: » 1/16/15 10:36pm 1/16/15 10:36pm

This Lego Toyota pickup is better than Marty McFly's

First things first: Paul Kim's self-designed Lego 1983 Toyota Hilux is not the truck from Back to the Future. But when you build a black '80s Toyota on beefy tires with a rollbar and yellow fog lights, comparisons tend to be made. And given the details in Paul's Lego truck, his would beat Marty's any day of the week. » 12/24/14 11:04am 12/24/14 11:04am